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Host a Minecraft Spigot server on your VPS

In this tutorial you will learn how to host a Minecraft server on a VPS.




• A VPS server at NetHeberg with Debian 10 installed on it



1 - Update the packages with the following command:

apt-get update


2 - Install Java using the following command:

apt-get install default-jdk


3 - Create a directory in which there will be all the files of your Minecraft server, and go in this directory with the following command:

mkdir -p /my_minecraft_server && cd /my_minecraft_server

Be careful! When running the above command, the folder name will be "my_minecraft_server". You can change the name of the folder by changing the command "my_minecraft_server" to the name you want.

If you have already run the above command and want to change the name of the folder, simply run the following command (replacing "folder_name" with the name you want):

cd .. && mv ./my_minecraft_server ./folder_name


4 - Download the Minecraft server file by running the following command:

wget https://cdn.getbukkit.org/spigot/spigot-1.16.5.jar

Please note! The above command downloads a Minecraft server in version 1.16.5. If you want to use another version, change the link in the command to "1.16.5" to the version you want to use.


5 - Run the download file with the following command:

java -jar spigot-1.16.5.jar

The above command will start the Minecraft server if it is downloaded in version 1.16.5. In case you have downloaded another version, change the "1.16.5" in the above command to the version of the downloaded server.


Your Minecraft server is now up and running! In case you encounter any problems with this tutorial, please contact us by opening a support ticket.

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