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LXC - KVM, what are the differences?

LXC - KVM, what are the differences?


Today we are going to ask ourselves what are the differences between Lxc virtualization and KVM virtualization, why choose one over another?


LXC (Linux Containers) virtualization is a technology that has direct access to server resources, so it is up to 10% more efficient than KVM virtualization, but it is not possible to install docker in it.


Now that we have studied LXC technology, we are going to talk about KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization. This technology is much better in terms of compatibility, in fact, virtualization is similar to that of VMWare because it emulates the hardware, i.e. the machine does not have direct access to the resources of the main server, this which causes lower performance compared to LXC.

III] So which one to choose ?

Now that you understand the difference between LXC and KVM, let's see what the types of use of these are:

If you want to use a docker, or have better kernel level security, you should choose KVM virtualization.

If you want better performance, or the isolation of an application, LXC virtualization is the one for you! (Click here to go to our LXC offers page)

IV] Some results

If you want to get a glimpse of the performance differences between LXC and KVM, overall we hear you go to the full ikus-soft article available by clicking here (in french).

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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See you soon !


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